Simple Chocolate Cake

As some of you might know I’m not really a chocolate person. Hand me a desert menu and I’ll always pick something vanilla or creamy, like Panna Cotta, Ile Flottante or Crême Brulée.

However, there are those occasions that just call for chocolate. Like coming home after a long day, sitting down and just slipping into comfort mode. This for me involves watching a couple of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (or Brothers and Sisters, or Private Practice) and eating chocolate. That’s comfort chocolate.

Then, there’s  give-me-some-energy chocolate, for those moments at work, where your attention span is just diminishing by the minute, and you just need something to give you that push to get through the rest of the day. A cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate normally sort that.

And then there are those festive moments of celebration that call for something fabulously decadent, like a chocolate cake. Dana’s birthday fell into that category. When I found out that Dana was having a big birthday party, my first thought was: “who’s making the cake?” As it turned out no one, they hadn’t planned on serving cake. What?! A birthday party without cake?! Now that’s a ridiculous thought. So I jumped in and offered my baking services.

What I didn’t know at that point was that I would end up baking 6 cakes for 60 people! Quite a challenge, but then, I’ve always been up for stretching my baking skills. After some lengthy thoughts on what to make, I decided to make my legendary Coconut Victoria Sponge (which had impressed the judges at the baking competition), the best ever Carrot Cake (recipe and photos soon), and, as piece de résistance, a decadent fudge Chocolate Cake.

This cake is really easy to make, but boy, is it impressive! And don’t be scared of it, it looks far more rich than it actually is… Ok, no, that’s a lie!!! It really is a truly decadent chocolate bomb!

April 24, 2010