Marmorkuch Wäffelcher

Wäffelcher are Luxembourg’s most iconic cookies. These paper-thin, buttery rolled wafers are a labour of love, as each Wäffelchen is baked individually in a waffle iron and rolled up. It’s a lot of fun to make.

Since I always like to put a twist on traditional dishes, I came up with these fun two-toned Wäffelcher. The inspiration comes from a classic Luxembourgish cake – the Marmorkuch. It’s a two-toned cake, mixing a buttery vanilla batter and chocolate batter in a marble pattern.

In order to make these two-toned Wäffelcher it’s easiest to put the batters in two piping bags. Like that you can easily pipe a bit of each batter onto the hot waffle iron. You could of course do it with spoons, but it may be a bit less easy.

I hope you love these Marmorkuch Wäffelcher as much as I do!

April 14, 2023