Wild Garlic Kachkéis

By now most of you must have realized that I love to make the most of wild garlic season.Wild garlic is such an interesting plant which grows wild in the woods. Wild garlic season is relatively short-lived. It starts around at the end of March and lasts until mid April. I am lucky enough to have a large wild garlic ‘field’ in the woods nearby my house, so I actually go and forage wild garlic on an almost daily basis during the season.

You already find a lot of wild garlic recipes here on my website, including my epic wild garlic gnocchi and some lovely puff pastry pinwheels filled with wild garlic pesto.

For this recipe I am turning to a true classic of the Luxembourg cuisine! Kachkéis is one of those Luxembourgish food oddities that is hard to describe. Basically, it’s a cooked cheese that’s quite runny. You can find ready-to-eat Kachkéis in every supermarket, but it’s really fun to cook it from scratch (if you’re looking for the classic way to prepare Kachkéis from scratch, click here.)

So in this recipe I am infusing the Kachkéis with wild garlic! It fits so well and I think it’s the perfect way to enjoy Kachkéis in the springtime when wild garlic is abundant in the woods around Luxembourg!

April 12, 2021