Lemon Almond Cake with Honey

Summer baking is not really such a common endeavour. In a season full of barbecues, ice creams and fresh salads, our ovens can feel quite lonely. So, it’s time to give your oven some summer loving! Just open the kitchen windows really wide, and let a summery breeze cool down the inside of your house while baking – or bake in the evenings, when it’s cooler anyway.

This cake is a proper summer cake. It’s got the zingy-ness of lemons, it’s very buttery but at the same time it’s really light because it’s mostly relying on ground almonds for texture. It’s also incredibly moist! Like a sponge, it soaks up the lemon juice that you drizzle over when it comes out of the oven and is still warm.

As for bakeware: best is to use a springform for this cake, since the cake is so moist that when you attempt to flip it over it may break. A springform will let you unmold it without damaging the lovely sponge cake.

I really love this cake and I hope you do too. It’s the perfect sweet treat to take to a summer picnic, and goes marvellously well with some fresh fruit on the side.

August 2, 2012