Broccoli Slaw

I love a good coleslaw – it’s the perfect summer salad to go with barbecued meats. My go-to coleslaw recipe is still growing strong, but lately I find myself experimenting with other ingredients to add a bit of variety.

When I came across a broccoli slaw in the Hemsley & Hemsley cookbook I knew I’d have to give it a try. I love their idea of adding poppy seeds to a mayonnaise, adding a bit of a bitter crunch to this salad. For the rest, I’ve gone pretty much hors-piste and changed the girls’ entire recipe. I’ve added freshly shaved fennel, cranberries, changed the dressing (as I think they used way too much mayonnaise!) and

So, here’s my broccoli slaw! And if you’re looking for a BBQ main to go with it, why not try my sesame chicken skewers?!

July 13, 2015