Autumn Veggie Tacos

I can bang on quite a bit about why autumn is my favourite season – from the changing colours of the leaves to long autumn walks followed cozy evenings in the pub, autumn is simply awesome! But the best about the season is the abundance of really exciting vegetables!

I’ve been cooking quite a bit of vegetarian food lately, it just makes me really happy to work with seasonal vegetables and get the best out of them. I think it might be due to me suffering from a slight ‘meat hangover’ caused by my two-months chef training course at Ducasse in Paris (there was SO much meat at Ducasse). So, focusing on vegetables is my thing now!

These autumn tacos were one of the first things I cooked when I set foot again in London after Paris. I was so inspired by the veg selection at my local greengrocers, and I still had some blue corn tacos in my freezer that were screaming to be used up. There was also a jar of spicy peanut butter from my trip to NYC that has still not been opened… So I threw them all together and came up with these lovely autumn tacos. They’re super yum, and actually vegan! I only realized that after devouring 4 entire tacos – they’re soooo good! I hope you like them too!

Note: If you live in Luxembourg then I doubt you can find actual corn tacos (which is a real shame, as they taste more nutty than wheat tacos). Just replace them with wheat tacos.

October 25, 2015