Jay Fai

Jay Fai is definitely the most famous streetfood restaurant in the world! Awarded with a Michelin star since 2018, this place is on everyone’s Bangkok itinerary now.

We filmed at Jay Fai in October 2017 – about a month before that legendary star dropped down on this humble streetfood place. Looking back on it now, it’s amazing how lucky we were to be sitting in a near-empty restaurant, enjoying our meal without knowing that only a few weeks later, enormous queues would start forming here and one would have to wait for at least 2 hours to get a spot at Jay Fai’s table!

Jay Fai has always been quite special. The 70-something-year-old goggled chef specialized in proper wok’n roll, sending out traditional Thai dishes with an extremely authentic taste. Cheap it ain’t. Even before her Michelin star, the crab omelette at Jay Fai would set you back a whopping 25 Euros. In a city where the average streetfood meal comes to about 2 Euro, this price-tag is totally jaw-dropping. Still, it’s worth it. If only there weren’t these infamous queues now…

You can watch me checking out Jay Fai in my show “Anne’s Asian Adventures” here.

Jay Fai
327 Mahachai Road,
Samranras Subdistrict, Phra Nakon District.
Bangkok 10200 , Thailand

January 7, 2019