Eathai Central Embassy

Excellent streetfood in an air-conditioned food hall

At first I was very skeptical about this food hall: streetfood needs to be in a street, not in the sleek basement of a luxurious shopping mall! But once I tried the food, I was blown away! This is proper Thai food with bold flavours and true heat – no tourist food at all!

As I later found out, Eathai has gathered a selection of Bangkok’s finest streetfood vendors, to set up shop in an airconditioned environment. And it works! The quality of some of these stalls is exceptional – I return year after year to eat the crab khanom jeen – a fiery Southern crab curry served with fermented khanom jeen rice noodles and fresh vegetables and pineapple to cut through the heat. A pure delight.

The food hall also has a sort of ‘pop up corner’ at the entrance, which hosts a different guest streetfood restaurant on a monthly basis. The last time I checked this corner, I tried deep-fried fried flowers with a fiery peanut dipping sauce. Aroy!

For those who, like me, love a good supermarket sweep: Eathai has an adjacent food shop which stocks all sorts of gourmet Thai snacks and ingredients, including Gourmet Market’s excellent own ‘My Choice’ brand.

You can watch me exploring the food at Eathai in this episode of my ‘Anne’s Asian Adventures’ Show.

Eathai Central Embassy
Central Embassy (LG Fl)
Pathum Wan
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Some photos courtesy of Eathai Central Embassy

January 14, 2019