Roasted Cauliflower Curry

I’m back in Luxembourg – living here is pretty surreal at the moment, as it feels very much like the rest of my year so far: a transition stop on a massive adventure. If I look back at this year, it’s been a pretty crazy one: I was in Vietnam, in Bangkok, Washington DC, NYC and Tokyo and I lived in Paris for 2 months.  Now I live in Luxembourg.

Since it’s only been 3 weeks that I’ve been back, it doesn’t feel real yet. A whirlwind of events have been carrying me from one side of the country to the other, new and old friendships have been keeping me busy and there’s also the massive project of unpacking boxes and making my new place feel like home.

The thing that really has been keeping me grounded and centred has been cooking. As soon as the pots and pans were unwrapped, I started firing on my new gas hob and making food that reminds me of who I am and where I’m coming from. Strange, you’d think I’d be cooking Luxembourgish food – as that is where I’m from after all! But no. The food that has been in my heart these last weeks is Indian and South-East Asian. Spicy curries and stews simmering away on my hob, making the whole house smell like a far, far away land… I guess my inner nomad will always be with me, wherever I go, and come out in the food that I choose to cook.

This recipe was inspired from a recipe in the new Jamie Oliver Everyday Superfood cookbook. The colours and flavour combinations instantly made me want to cook it. Jamie added pineapple to his curry, which I didn’t really like that much, so I left it out. I’ve also made some really quick ‘cheats-naan breads’ to go with the curry (I’m making these naans at least twice a week at the moment, they’re so damn good and easy to make and freeze very well too). I hope you enjoy!

November 22, 2015