Mini Thai Chicken Burgers

Yes! Summer’s finally here. Ok, it’s not yet a full-time guest, just popping in from time to time, showing its most lovely face, then popping out again to leave lower temperatures and greyer skies to rule this month of June.

So, we have to make the most of every single sunny, warm day this summer! These Thai inspired chicken burgers scream summer to me! Fragrant lemongrass, ginger, coriander and a dollop of fiery sirarcha sauce make these little patties the ultimate summer burgers! What’s best is that they’re easy to make in the oven, so if the BBQ weather is not showing up, you can still have a summery meal inside.

You could of course grill these burgers on a BBQ, in which case I’d recommend refrigerating the uncooked patties for at least an hour, to firm them up before they go on the hot grill.

June 7, 2015