Mini Chocolate Beignets

Right, let me be frank, these sound pretty posh, but they’re in fact nothing else than deep-fried Mars bars! I swore never to eat such a culinary perversion, yet on one night out in Glasgow, I was converted! At a local chippie, I tried a proper deep-fried Mars bar and realized that it’s in fact a pretty acceptable dessert. It slightly reminded me of churros: crunchy and fatty on the outside, with a melting chocolate centre. Still, I couldn’t stomach a whole one. So, instead I’ve used mini chocolate bars to make my beignets and enhanced the beer batter with vanilla sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. I know it’s still slightly nuts, but, believe me, these mini chocolate beignets are a real party pleaser.

I made these decadent treats in the Party epsiode of my show.

Recipe available exclusively in my first book Anne’s Kitchen. Buy the UK version here and the German version here.

October 18, 2013