Waffles with Maitrank Strawberries

These waffles are inspired by the Fête du Maitrank – an annual streetparty that’s taking place in Arlon, just across the border from Luxembourg.

Arlon is the ‘world capital of Maitrank’, a local springtime drink made with woodruff (Waldmeister). The woodruff is foraged in local forests before it blooms. It is then macerated for 48 hours in a mix of Luxembourgish Moselle wine (Elbling or Rivaner), sugar, orange slices and cognac. After 48 hours the drink is strained and bottled. There are as many Maitrank recipes as these are people making it, and most keep theirs a secret. You can buy bottled Maitrank cafés and shops around Arlon.

For this Maitrank-inspired recipe I’ve decided to pair the iconic drink with juicy strawberries, and use it as topping for a traditional ‘Eisekuch’ (waffle). Waffles with whipped cream is a classic in our region, and by infusing the strawberries with Maitrank, it gives this beloved treat an extra special dimension. I hope you like it as much as I do!

This recipe is part of a larger Tonicités project, for which I am visiting traditional fêtes in Arlon, Longwy, Thionville, Esch-sur-Alzette and Ville de Luxembourg and create waffles with local seasonal flavours.

June 1, 2022