Hülya’s Courgette Fritters

You could think of these courgette fritters as a Turkish take on Luxembourg’s Gromperekichelcher.

This recipe was given to me by Ayshea’s mum Hülya. Ayshea is half Turkish and the director of the Anne’s Kitchen TV show. It was largely thanks to her and to her valuable input that we decided to head to Istanbul for the second season. When I was researching a recipe for Turkish courgette fritters, Ayshea immediately directed me towards her mum, Hülya, insisting she makes the world’s best fritters. Hülya has also been teaching Turkish cooking classes in Luxembourg and this recipe is always very popular. I’m eternally grateful that Hülya agreed to share her delicious recipe with me for this book, as these are indeed the best Turkish courgette fritters I have ever tasted!

I made these courgette fritters in the third Istanbul episode of my show, you can watch it here.

This is a recipe from my second cookbook “Anne’s Kitchen – Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin”.

This recipe was a Wildcard winner on Food 52. Their review of the recipe: “These were incredible! Pretty easy to pull together and a clear, accurate, and well-written recipe. The zucchini cooked to a silky texture and there was just enough saltiness from the feta and heat from the chili. Plus, my toddler absolutely devoured them as though they were the last food on earth. I appreciated that the batter wasn’t wet and sloppy, which meant that not only could the fritters be easily formed into patties, but there wasn’t a grease explosion when I dropped them into the oil. All in all, a solid recipe—will definitely be making this one again.

October 24, 2014