Rustic Pear Tart

Going home is all about pure comfort. Revisiting old places, catching up with friends and enjoying mum’s home cooking. I haven’t been home much this year – a consequence of a mixture of work, a volcano and too many other travel destinations.

So this week was the first proper time I got to spend at home. It’s really weird because it seems like time is both passing very slowly and very quickly here. Slowly because the pace of life in Luxembourg is way more relaxed than in London. Quickly because, even though 10 days at home seem like ages, they pass like the speed of light. I had so many plans – including doing a super blog post on Luxembourg – but then life and fun got in the way.

I didn’t even manage to bake or cook anything. So thank the heavens that my mum did all this.

For my birthday, she made this divine rustic pear tart, using some of the beautiful pears that grow in our garden. I remember when that pear tree was really small with the odd pear hiding behind a leaf- and now this year it’s just heaving with sweet pears.

This recipe is usually made with apples, but it’s just as nice with pears. The fruit is first baked with the pastry alone, and the custard only added half-way through the baking process. It’s a really refreshing but also creamy tart that is perfect for an afternoon treat – or a birthday breakfast.

September 13, 2010