Mirabelle Tart with Yeast Dough

I can’t think of summer in Luxembourg and not think of mirabelles! In the French city of Metz, which is a short hour’s drive away from Luxembourg city, they even have an annual Mirabelle festival. I always get super excited when the first mirabelles appear at the markets…

If you’ve never eaten a mirabelle, think of them as fragrant little, cherry-sized plums. The season is rather short: from the beginning of August until mid September, so it’s worth making the most of it. Most people make mirabelle tarts (often just fruit snuggled on top of a simple yeast dough) and mirabelle jam – and it’s worth buying a bottle of mirabelle schnapps when you’re visiting Luxembourg!

When it comes to mirabelle tarts, there are a few types you can find… some make theirs with crisp, buttery shortcrust pastry, other prefer a thicker dough (either by making a cake-style base with baking powder, or a yeast dough, like I did for this recipe). Personally, I love the fine shortcrust pastry the best, but I have to say that this yeasted mirabelle tart has had me reconsider it. Let me know what your favourite version is.

(And if you’re looking for another way to bake with mirabelles – my mirabelle galette has become a firm favourite in my community over the years. So give it a go!)

August 17, 2023