Maple Syrup Cookies

Ok, I love all foods and ingredients, but those who know me, know that there are a few ingredients that get me so psyched, that it’s really hard to restrain myself from using them in almost every recipe. Cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin and maple syrup rank really, really high on that list.

So, when I was faced with a big leftover bottle of maple syrup, I got really thrilled with all the yummy possibilities this bottle could lead to. I quickly decided on baking. You see, I’ve just moved house (and country!) and I hadn’t tested my new oven yet. So, it was obviously a priority to test that crucial bit of equipment.

The move had also enabled me to rediscover plenty of kitchen material that was hidden in the back of my London cupboards. Among them were a baffling amount of leaf-shaped cookie cutters, which I had collected on my trips to the US and to Japan. I’d never ever used them, so they’d been sadly dusting away, waiting for that special occasion that never came. ‘Enough!’, I said to myself, ‘you pretty cookie cutters deserve to be used!’.

So, these maple leaf cookies were crafted. And boy, they taste just as good as they look! The perfect autumn cookies!

November 15, 2015