Blueberries in Rosemary Wine with Langues de Chat Biscuits

As the days start growing colder again, and the brief summer is turning into autumn, we can turn towards warming flavours, with an autumnal feel. Still, not quite ready yet to fully accept that summer is over, I like to make dishes that sit kind of in between summer and autumn.

This sweet treat is the perfect example: summery blueberries soaked in rosemary-scented wine (a look-ahead to the cinnamony mulled wine to come in a few months) served with feather-light yet super buttery biscuits. The perfect dessert for any early autumn dinner party, or a naughty treat for late afternoons. Either way, I love how the combination of these simple flavours lifts this creation to a showstopping dessert.

A little note on the biscuits: These langues de chat biscuits are not perfectly shaped. In fact, they do look a bit wonky… That’s because the batter spreads out quite a bit in the oven, and did so unevenly because I didn’t pipe the batter out in a perfect, Martha Steward-like way.

Still, if you ask me, I like their rustic look, and I like their amazing taste even more. So, don’t be put off my imperfection, embrace it and focus on the fact that they’re homemade lovely treats!

September 15, 2012