Orange Drizzle Teacakes

I know my metamorphosis into a British person has by now been fully complete. Why? I queue, I say ‘excuse me’, ‘sorry’ and ‘oh dear’ all the time – and I constantly talk about the weather.

Well the latter can be excused, considering that it’s been raining non stop for the past 48 hours! Proper rain, proper cold autumn rain. Seriously, I feel like living in an eternal October. It’s horrible, saddening and plain bad for your mood!

But it has one good thing: it’s cool enough to turn the oven on without melting in August. Yipee!

My oven becomes my ally in the fight against weather-related moodiness. Together we create the loveliest cakes, sweet smelling cinnamon crumbles, deep flavoured chocolate brownies and, this time around, tangy orange drizzle teacakes.

I’ve always been a fan of simple lemon and orange cakes. The flavours blend in perfectly with a sweet buttery cake and, topped with a tangy icing, they have the ability to properly excite your tastebuds: sweet, sour, buttery, rich, moist – heaven.

These cakes are extremely moist and their texture is pretty dense. You may think they’re not fully baked when you cut them in half, but as long as there are no runny dough spots left, it is actually done.

Make sure to eat them on the day they’re made – so they still have their crispiness outside. Shouldn’t be a problem: I took a batch of these over to a friends’ brunch and they were gone within minutes. ★

August 27, 2010