Buckwheat Lentil Bowls with Balsamic Onions

This dish was inspired by the vegan challenge on Mastercook. Vegan food can seem quite daunting to regular home cooks – the prospect of not being able to add flavour through the likes of dairy, fish or poultry often leaves people feeling quite lost. The trick is to use lots of flavour boosters and fresh ingredients.

I’ve been enjoying researching vegan food and I have to say that it’s making me more creative in the kitchen. I’ve started using nut butters, coconut milk and lots of exciting herbs and spices, and borrowing ideas from Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisines.

This is the first vegan recipe on my blog, more to follow in the future. So, these buckwheat lentil bowls are able to fool any meat-eater: I’ve added smoky chipotle chili to the stew, to give the dish a meaty flavour-dimension. On the other hand, creamy tahini (sesame paste) is adding a really comforting creamy, nutty note, while the tangy balsamic onions cut through the creamy, smokiness of the stew. I’m convinced that this dish is a fabulous way to introduce people to vegan cuisine, as they won’t be missing anything – it’s filling, yummy and definitely full of umami flavours.

Just a final note on chipotle chilies: these dried, smoky chilies are hard to find in regular supermarkets, but they’re very easy to order online. You can find chipotles in the ingredients section on my Amazon shop, here.

If you want the recipe in Luxembourgish, you can get it here.

January 25, 2015