Kanelbullar – Swedish Cinnamon buns

A few years ago, Scandinavian bakeries started mushrooming in London, popping up in trendy neighbourhoods and drawing people in with their cinnamon-scented baked goods.

My favourite London Scandi bakery is Fabrique bakery. Every Sunday stroll around Shoreditch had to be accompanied by a cinnamon and cardamom bun from Fabrique in Hoxton. Chewy yeast buns, filled with cinnamon and cardamom-scented sugar and so sticky that you’d regularly have to lick your fingers. A pure delight.

When I moved to Luxembourg I really missed these incredible spiced buns. No doubt, we have great bakeries over here too and they make fabulous treats such as ‘Aachtchen’ (a custard-filled, 8-shaped pastry), ‘Äppeltäsch’ (an apple compote filled pastry) and ‘Schneck’ (a swirly pastry stuffed with currants). But no cinnamon buns – at least not the Swedish type.

So, on one weekend trip to London, I came across a Swedish cinnamon bun recipe in the Evening Standard (London’s daily free paper). I ripped out the page and had to recreate the recipe. Unfortunately, I misplaced the actual source of the recipe, so I’m not able to say where it came from. I’ve added a tad less cardamom than in the original recipe (as it just seemed too decadent to add more!) and I have to say, a bite of them brings me right back to Sundays in Shoreditch…

February 5, 2017