Wäinzoossiss Meatball Pasta

This recipe is a little nod to an Italian-American favourite: pasta with meatballs. But I’ve made it with Luxembourgish flavours.

Wäinzoossiss is a typical Luxembourg pork and beef sausage that’s traditionally served with a creamy mustard and wine sauce. For this pasta dish, I’ve deconstructed the sausage into little meatballs and am serving them with a mustard cream spaghetti sauce.

So, you’ll find all the typical flavours associated with Wäinzoossiss in this pasta dish. I hope you like it as much as I do!

This recipe was created as part of my “Recipes for Staying Home” show, to flatten the curve during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak. The concept is to inspire people to cook comfort dishes at home – I show basic recipes that can be adapted with all kinds of other ingredients. You can watch the episode here.

January 15, 2020