Moroccan Meatballs

I’ve never been a fan of meatballs. The word alone sounds silly: meat – ball, I mean, come on, bring on some sophistication! Why not call it a “meatsphere” or a “meaty globe”? Ok, those sound silly too. But, it’s weird, aren’t they just the round equivalent of a burger pattie?! And still they’re so much less popular than their burger equivalent. Probably because they come without the bun. Instead, you sometimes find them in spaghetti – featuring in romantic meals (Lady and the Tramp) and being one of the flagship staples of Italo-Americans.

Anyway, I decided to give the good old meatball a go! But I decided to jazz it up a bit. A 21st century cool meatball, with lots of nice flavours fighting for your attention. These were inspired by Moroccan nights and Istanbul days, a play on two great places with even greater flavours: dried sour cherries, roasted pine nuts, mint and ras-el-hanout (- Morocco’s answer to curry powder, a very unique spice mix that comes in many, many versions). Amazing. Seriously, now I’m a meatball fan! Hopefully you will be too after you’ve tried these! ★

May 18, 2011