Matcha Chestnut Truffles

Christmas is the perfect pretext for me to indulge in afternoons of making sweet treats. Every year, I toy with the idea of making chocolates, but all too often I end up ditching it – too much hassle to temper the chocolate (to prevent it from getting a white-ish hue), too much work.

This year however, I decided to really give chocolate making a go – but without all the hassle and fuss! Truffels are really so easy to make. There are thousands of different ways to flavour truffles, from dark chocolate specked with candied orange peel to rum and chocolate – you can experiment with all kinds of flavour combinations.

My truffle recipe plays around with my favourite Japanese flavours: matcha and chestnut. The white chocolate base is enhanced by a subtle chestnut flavour, then rolled in matcha powder, which adds a lovely bitter tea dimension to this sweet truffle. It’s super easy to prepare, all you need is a little time to let the truffle mixture cool down and firm up in the fridge.

It’s also great to make this recipe with children, as they can basically make the final truffles themselves, shaping the little balls between their hands and rolling them in the matcha powder (which, by the way, might be a tad too bitter for a child’s palate – maybe replace the matcha powder with cocoa powder, or just use icing sugar).

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December 14, 2014