Everything Bagel Crackers

I am an absolute cracker addict. In the UK I learnt to love crispy crackers, where they are most often served as accompaniment to cheese. These days I still like to eat cheese with crackers, rather than with bread – which fills you up too quickly and leaves less space for more cheese.

I’ve been experimenting with lots of cracker recipe over the years, but this is the absolute winner! I was giving the base recipe by my friend Jo, who had given me some of her home-made crackers. I instantly needed the recipe, they were that good! Jo made her crackers with fine polenta, but I only had semolina at home, so I made mine with that.

The everything bagel mix flavour is another lucky coincidence. My friend Jael had given me a jar of ‘Everything but the bagel seasoning’, which she had bought in the US at Trader Joe’s. Seeing that seeded spice mix I immediately had to think of Jo’s seeded crackers. So I added some to my cracker recipe, and wow, it was just amazing!

Since we can’t buy this Everything bagel seasoning in Europe, I am making my own seasoning for this recipe. It is really simple, and you could make a big batch of it and sprinkle it over avocado or cottage cheese, where it tastes absolutely amazing too.

So, go ahead and make your new favourite crackers. I bet you’ll be making a batch of these regularly once you try them!

February 6, 2021