Nougat Glacé with Turkish Delight

So, it’s August and by now you’ve pretty much had all the classic ice cream flavours out there.

You’ve indulged in some creamy vanilla ice cream with real vanilla beans, had some super chocolaty chocolate scoops and devoured some tangy raspberry sorbet so cold and crisp it gave you a momentary brain freeze. You probably have tried some frozen yoghurt with berries and oreo cookies and played with the thought of trying some more obscure and dubious creations (anyone for bright blue bubble gum taste? No, thought so!). And you definitely have had all there is to try at your local Italian gelateria.

But what now? What do you do when all the ice cream flavours available have been explored and conquered? Been there done that, oh ice cream world, what can you offer next?!

Well, here’s the answer! Try a nougat glacé! The French desert may still be able to excite your discerning tastebuds.

Let me introduce you to your new favourite ice cream alternative. Indulgently creamy, laced with a succulent taste of honey and crunchy explosions of almonds. Add to it the chewiness of nougat and you have a new ice cream star. I should start writing the Marks and Spencer ads, right?!

Nougat glacé is a classic French desert, but strangely not well known in the UK. Go to a French restaurant and you’ll be guaranteed to find the usual suspects: crême brulée, tarte tatin and mousse au chocolat. A real pity nougat glacé isn’t a more prominent guest on our menus. But hey, what’s not yet may well be one day in the future. And it all starts here.

Now, to spice the recipe up and make it my own, I decided to substitute the nougat with Turkish delight. It works just as well, but you can play with flavours like rose and pistachio.

You can boost the recipe even more by adding a dash of alcohol. Soak the orange peel in Grand Marnier, cover and leave to rest for a few hours before adding to the recipe. Delightful.

August 16, 2010