Raspberry Trifle

You could say a trifle is Britain’s answer to tiramisu: layers of creamy custard snuggled against alcohol-soaked sponge biscuits and fruit. But, unless you’re using ready-made custard, it’s quite labour-intensive to make this dessert from scratch. That’s why I like to cheat a bit with my trifle, substituting the custard for a mascarpone and whipped cream filling. As a clin d’oeil to my Luxembourgish roots, I use raspberry schnapps, which is very popular at home. If you can’t get hold of this spirit, use grappa instead.

Watch me making this delicious trifle in my little London kitchen – video here.

Recipe available exclusively in my first book Anne’s Kitchen. Buy the UK version here and the German version here. If you live in another territory, please contact me.

September 19, 2013