Breakfast Muffins with Peaches

A weekend at home seems like a real blessing by now. I haven’t been home in 8 months! That’s the longest I haven’t been home in like forever!

I had volcanoes stopping me, snow storms holding me back, and this time I was praying the tube wouldn’t break down/be stuck/be held by various signalling problems. And it didn’t! I managed to get to the airport 40 minutes before departure (phew, 10 minutes later and I would have had to significantly bribe the check-in desk) and embarked on a flight to lovely Luxembourg.

Home. Home, sweet home. I could write pages about it, but I won’t. Not just yet. Three days in Luxembourg are way too short to even think about taking photos for this blog. One day, sooner or later, I will write a whole post about my small country, so patience please.

For now, let’s turn to these lovely breakfast muffins! It’s summer and peaches are everywhere. Don’t you just like to just bite into a crisp cold peach?! It’s heaven. Or quickly cook them with a dash of wine and cinnamon, then scoop over some creamy vanilla ice cream? Yuuuum. Or bake them with some crumble on top? Yes! Name anything and I like it!

So this recipe combines the very best ingredients and techniques to make our lovely peaches the star on your breakfast table. Paired with a cinnamon wholemeal cake, and topped with a toffee crumble, these muffins are the essential summer good-morning food. Enjoy! ★

July 21, 2010