Delicious Magazine (UK, June 2016)

My recipe for traditional Baamkuch featured in Delicious magazine. Baamkuch is a grilled layer cake from Luxembourg:

Baamkuch is reserved for life’s major occasions, and it has a special place in every Luxembourger’s heart. I had a big one for my first Holy Communion and it’s the most popular wedding cake. The name translates as ‘tree-cake’ because. When the classic log-shaped version is cut open, you see the baked rings like the rings of a tree trunk.

Making Baamkuch the traditional way at home is virtually impossible, unless you happen to have a horizontal spit in your kitchen – the cake is made by drizzling the batter onto the spinning spit, grilling layer after layer.

There are two ways to make my Baamkuch in a normal oven: you can grill the cake layers under the oven grill, but I found there’s more control if you bake the individual layers first and then add the typical grilled marks by using a blow torch.

July 21, 2016