Festive Baking: Spiced Cookies

I haven’t been baking this month! At all! Usually during the pre-Christmas period my oven never gets a rest and the flat is filled with tins and tins of cookies, cakes and experimental festive baked goods. But this year’s been pretty bad.

This December my life suddenly got caught up in a snow storm – not a pretty one with nice big flakes, but a real bad-ass storm. Not fun. So, I had and still have to deal with that first. On top of it all I had to move flat again – for the 10th time in 8 years! I can tell you, I’ve had enough!

So, I haven’t been baking. At all. Thankfully I’d made these cookies at the end of November, full of optimism and looking forward to the festive period… So here you go, enjoy them. I’ll try and be good in the new year and be again the fabulous baking queen you’re used to!

December 15, 2010