Cherry Almond yoghurt bowls

Breakfast for me is a strange affair: usually I just make myself a nice cup of coffee (with a dash of milk) and a freshly squeezed orange juice (2 oranges, half a lemon). And that’s it. Then, at around 11am my belly usually starts grumbling, telling me off for skipping breakfast again and demanding instant feeding. Often, I just grab a handful of my homemade nut/dried fruit mix (I always have a bowl in my cupboard, to tame the grumbling belly) and that does the job to keep me going till lunch.

After a month in Vietnam though, and waking up to glorious breakfast buffets in every hotel – my breakfast habits have changed. These days, I wake up with a grumbling belly, demanding instant feeding and not satisfied with the “coffee and o-juice” treatment. That’s why I have to come up with breakfast ideas now – quick breakfast ideas – as I normally hit the ground running after getting out of bed. Toast is an option, but is becoming quite boring (my peanut butter and jelly habit isn’t cutting it in the long haul), so I need new recipes.

This cherry almond yoghurt bowl is quickly becoming a new favourite. Yoghurt topped with cherry jam and a handful of roasted almonds, then pimped with the addition of cocoa nibs* and a sprinkle of freshly ground vanilla. Breakfast heaven!

*what?! You haven’t heard of cocoa nibs?! They’re amaaaaazing! Basically, they’re crushed dry-roasted cocoa beans. That means they’re packed with cocoa flavour, without the addition of sugar and fat (which, in the chocolate-making process is added to the cocoa beans). They’re also full of caffeine (yay!), meaning that they have the super power to wake you up in the morning. Really, you have to give them a go. I buy mine at organic shops in London. If you’re in Luxembourg, you can order them via my Amazon shop here (in the Ingredients section).

March 11, 2015