Cookbook Love: New York, Cult Recipes

Every so often, there is a cookbook that makes you want to jump on a plane and go eat everything, literally everything, that’s in it.

Marc Grossman’s New York, Cult Recipes, is such a marvellous travel cookbook. Big Apple Fernweh guaranteed!



What’s it about?

The food of New York. Need I say more?! Bagels, Burgers, Cheesecake, Apple Pie… Anything that pops into your mind when thinking of New York is in here!

The book is divided into 7 chapters, taking you through a regular New York day. Starting with coffee time and ending with Any Time. I love the fact that extra attention is given to morning foods: three chapters (coffee time, breakfast time and brunch time!) list the most amazing morning delights, including banana bread, buttermilk pancakes and smoked salmon bagels.



Throughout the book there are area double page area pages, with a collage of the area’s atmosphere.

What’s most appealing about this book is the stunning photography by Akiko Ida (a Japanese photographer based in France, I love her work!) and Pierre Javelle. Every recipe is illustrated with a mouthwatering photo and there are lots and lots of New York atmosphere shots.



Most fascinating recipes in it:

I’m just love proper US food, so it’s hard to choose some favourites!

Lots and lots of pies, cookies, cakes and sweet bakes are featured throughout the book, so it’s a great cookbook for people who love baking.I’m happy to see that there’s a recipe for cinnamon rolls in the coffee time chapter, while the lunchtime chapter has a recipe for proper hamburger buns – which is a real art!

Cooking focuses on typical US  artery-clogging staples: burgers, sloppy Joe’s, mac’n cheese and grilled sandwiches. There’s also a few surprises, like a vegetarian aubergine burger, which looks like it’s topped with aubergine parmigiana, brilliant idea.




For what occasion can I use this book?

For when you feel like a trip to New York but don’t have the time/funds/time to go. Even if you don’t make a single recipe out of this book, it’s worth getting it – as everytime I flick through the colourful pages, it leaves me with a big smile on my face.

New York, Cult Recipes
by Marc Grossman
Murdoch Books
274 pages
£20 UK retail price

If you live in Luxembourg, you can get hold of the German Version too. Here it is on Amazon.

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April 1, 2015