Smoky Sweetcorn tostadas

I just love a good corn on the cob smothered with butter and salt. But when I first ate at Tacombi in New York, a whole new sweetcorn experience opened up in front of me. A paper cup filled with buttery shaved corn kernels, topped off with sour cream, smoky paprika powder, coriander and a lime wedge was placed in front of me. This transported me right to sweetcorn heaven. Sweet, smoky, sour, spicy – it pulls your tastebuds in every possible direction and is bound to make you very happy.

I’ve since recreated these sweetcorn cups on days where I just craved a comforting bowl of corn, with the certain ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’. Usually, I eat it with a slice of crispy bread on the side. Then, the other day it occured to me that I could place the sweetcorn filling on top of a crispy taco – and so these awesome sweetcorn tostadas were born. I’m using mayonnaise for my tostadas, but you could easily use sour cream instead if you prefer. Served with a strong margarita or a glass of chilled white wine, these tostadas are going to set your party on fire!


April 5, 2015