Cherry Yoghurt Ice Lollies

These ice lollies remind me of my childhood summers: my mum would always make popsicles from pouring yoghurt (YOP – for those who grew up in Luxembourg). She’d just pour the yoghurt into ice lolly molds, pop some sticks in them and freeze them. I remember loving these ‘ice creams’ – unaware of the fact that they were in fact just frozen yoghurts!

Who would have known back then that a few decades later, frozen yoghurt would be an actual ‘thing’ – the ice cream of choice for many hipsters and health-conscious people?! I love frozen yoghurt and I have tried many frozen yoghurt shops on my travels. They do all kinds of flavours these days – from matcha and passionfruit to chocolate and strawberry. My favourite frozen yoghurt flavour stays ‘plain’ though – as it allows you to add lots of yummy toppings onto a quite natural base.

For these ice lollies I’m using plain yoghurt and adding cherry jam to it – the texture is obviously less creamy than the churned, soft-ice versions that come freshly piped out of a machine. Still, it is extremely yummy.

You could play around with different yoghurt flavours, add other jams or even chocolate chips, oreo pieces – whatever catches your fancy. The only thing you need are ice lolly molds – but if you don’t have them, don’t despair: just use yoghurt containers and stick wooden ice cream sticks into them!


September 13, 2015