Summer Salad Rolls with Carrot Ginger Dip

During my trip through Vietnam earlier this year, I ate a hell of a lot of summer rolls. Basically, they’re fresh spring rolls – the rice paper wrappers are dipped in water in order to make them malleable, then you add anything you like into them and serve them with nuoc cham, a Vietnamese dipping sauce.

For this recipe I decided to make a refreshing carrot and ginger dip – a really great, zingy dipping sauce, that also works great as a salad dressing if you add a bit more water to it to dilute it.

I developed this recipe for Cactus News magazine as part of their Food Heroes project, in which they showcase local producers whose products you can buy at Cactus. This recipe is using salad from Serge Erpelding, a vegetable producer based in Luxembourg. You can read more on the vegetable production here.

Also, the recipe is available in German and in French.


Oh and if you’re looking for more Vietnamese food, check out my awesome Banh Mi – a Vietnamese sandwich with lemongrass BBQ pork.

May 17, 2015