Discover Luxembourg’s most essential recipes!

In this book, I am sharing Luxembourgish cuisine in 10 traditional recipes – and their 10 revisited twists!

Cook classic Kniddelen with bacon, or make vegetarian Kachkéis Kniddelen. Go for authentic Judd mat Gaardebounen, or turn it into a crispy Flammkuchen. Each traditional recipe is followed by my modernised reinterpretation.

This is the perfect book for expats living in Luxembourg, looking to discover the foundation of Luxembourgish cuisine. It’s a great gift to take abroad or a fantastic souvenir for a tourist visiting Luxembourg. And, Luxembourgers will certainly enjoy rediscovering their beloved traditional recipes with a new twist.

The book is in English and all recipes are indicated in metric and imperial measurements.

Featuring beautiful hand-lettered recipe titles by my sister, Christine Faber.

You can buy the book online here.

Publishing date 1st June 2019

May 16, 2019