Instagram Love

The new has started, so it’s time for some new year’s resolutions. I usually have -erm- none! I simply don’t believe in new year’s resolutions – if you need a new year as an excuse to get stuff done in your life, then that’s ok, but I don’t.

Still, this week I sat down and thought of how I can make this blog more awesome and keep you guys and gals inspired! One idea: every Wednesday I will give you a little glimpse behind the scenes of my little life. I call it Instagram Love, simply because a) I love Instagram and b) I tend to post my life on Instagram anyway, so it’s easiest to sort through those pictures. So, here you get a glimpse, if you want more (and you know you do), follow me on Instagram!

This week my highlights included:

  • opening a coconut. I had no idea how to do this, so I watched this YouTube video (which, by the way, makes it look way easier than it is). From the Instagram community, I’ve been given really handy tips, including sticking the coconut in the microwave or placing it on the hob into a direct gas-flame… erm, I think I’ll stick to my IKEA hammer!
  • marvelling at the beautiful Pukka Tea designs – I mean, the flavours are awesome too, but come on, how pretty are these tea boxes?! If you want to try the tea, you can order some via my Amazon shop.
  • making an awesome passion fruit pannacotta with gingerbread biscuits for my New Year’s Eve Dinner (will post the recipe soon)
  • “detoxing” (I don’t detox. Ever.) with a bowl of this ginger green tea broth with pork dumplings, yum (recipe to follow too)
  • having coffee and a cinnamon bun at the super hip Monocle café in London (more London tips here)


More sweet love next Wednesday!

Have a yummy week!


January 7, 2015