Instagram Love – June

Last Monday was Luxembourg National Day – a big deal for our little country.

Every year on June 23rd, Luxembourg celebrates the official birthday of the Grand Duke (although no Grand Duke/Duchess has ever had a real birthday on that day). On the eve of National Day there’s always a torch procession followed by impressive fireworks and a huge party – basically the whole of Luxembourg city is transformed into one massive streetparty, with hundreds of cafés and bars setting up DJs, gigs, streetfood, etc. If you ever plan to visit Luxembourg, this is the night to be there!

So, obviously, I took the occasion to fly home and spend a few days in my beautiful homeland.

My highlights include:

  • Meeting Léa Linster – Luxembourg’s most famous chef + eating one of her delicious madeleines
  • A yummy homemade burger and sweet potato wedges, made by my sister
  • Cookery magazine heaven
  • Discovering a new lovely café / vintage shop in Luxembourg city: Kaale Kaffi
  • National Day fireworks
June 28, 2014