EP 6: A day with Mimi Ho

In this episode I’m spending a day with Luxembourg expat Mimi Ho. Mimi moved to Hong Kong seven years ago and has since been working in project management for a large restaurant group.

We meet on one of Hong Kong’s most iconic (or let’s say quirkiest) landmarks: central to mid-level escalator. After a chat about life in Hong Kong, Mimi takes me to Beefbar – a Michelin-starred restaurant that she opened up with Lai Sun dining group.

We also explore one of Hong Kong’s wet markets, where I discover new ingredients and get to take some back to the kitchen of China Tang – another restaurant in Mimi’s group. Here I can try myself at dim sum making and stuff mine with a Luxembourgish filling.

In order to give me another perspective of life in Hong Kong, Mimi takes me out of the concrete city and into the lavish nature of Lantau island, where we go to visit the Big Buddha and meet some free-roaming cows along the way.

February 9, 2019

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