EP 11: Tokyo Food with Masu

In this episode I’m meeting up with my friend Masu, who is a restaurant critic for Time Out Tokyo. I check out a museum that’s all about one of my favourite Japanese dishes: ramen noodles! It’s the first museum I’ve ever visited where you can eat the actual exhibits!!!

Masu then takes me to get a proper sushi experience, at the lovely Isana Sushi restaurant. Here, chef Junichi Onuki tells me all about what makes sushi so unique in Japan.

I’m also learning more about fermentation and its importance in Japanese food at a miso making class run by chef Nobuaki Fushiki.
After the class, Masu takes me to his favourite restaurant – Tonki – a place specializing in Tonkatsu, a pork Schnitzel served with fiery Japanese mustard.

We end the day in Masu’s kitchen, where I get to prepare a Japanese take on my grandma’s famous orange cream – this one made with Japanese yuzu as a nod to my time in Tokyo.

March 25, 2019

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