Cafe Litoral

Café Litoral is a Portuguese restaurant in Tapia, Macau’s southern island. Here you find Portuguese classics, such as bacalhau croquettes, next to Macanese specialties. Macanese cuisine is a sort of Portuguese fusion, influenced by the cuisines of South-East Asia, India and Africa. It developed in the 16th and 17th century, when Macau was a Portuguese colony, and Portuguese sailors would come to Macau via the Spice Route, picking up ingredients on the way. Stand-out dishes as porco tamaino (pork in a tamarind sauce, very close to South-East-Asian cuisine), and chicken galinha (“African chicken”: chicken in a thick peanut curry). Definitely worth a visit when you go to Macau.

You can watch me eat these dishes in this episode of my “Anne’s Asian Adventures” show.

Cafe Litoral
Rua do Regedor,
Bloco 4 Wai Chin Ko No. 53-57 Taipa,
Macau, China

March 6, 2019