Berlin – an overview

Berlin may not be love at first sight for most people. It can seem like an ugly, grey, graffiti-splattered city with imposing post-war architecture and a myriad of unfinished building sites.

Still, give Berlin a chance and you will discover its unique appeal. There’s the Ampelmännchen indicating whether you’re in the former East or West of the capital, the many lovely cafés, bars and restaurants and the various Kieze, which all have their own particular charm.

Sit in a café in Prenzlauer Berg and watch the yummy mummies order organic cakes for their toddlers, explore Kreuzberg, which is a little rough around the edges yet super trendy or wander around the Hackesche Höfe labyrinth in Berlin Mitte.

In recent years, Berlin has turned into a sort of hipsterland, attracting people from all over the world who settle here because of the city’s cheap rents, booming start- up scene and reputation as an art and culture hub.

This has transformed Berlin into a foodie wonderland. While you’ve always been able to eat great Currywurst and solid German fare in Berlin, you can now get fabulous Asian, US and international food, too. The best place to get a taste of Berlin’s buzzing food scene is at Streetfood Thursday in Markthalle Neun.

I explore Berlin in four episodes of my show, you can watch the episodes here.

All these beautiful photos were taken by the super talented Berlin photographer Cris Santos.

You can find all my favourite Berlin places here on the website and on my Pinterest Map.
Berlin Pinterest Map

November 13, 2014