Mulled Cider

Mulled wine is a must at my house once the days go colder. But have you ever tried mulled cider?! It’s just as warming as the traditional mulled wine, but way more surprising in taste. The cider’s sweet apple-flavours are perfect paired with festive spices such as cinnamon, star anise and cloves. I’m adding a few black peppercorns to the mix, to spice things up.

I made this mulled cider with Luxembourgish Ramborn cider, a lovely cider made in the traditional English way. It tastes just like my favourite ciders I drank when I lived in London. Ramborn’s CM blend has a nice sweetness to it that is perfect for mulled cider.

And, the best is that if you’re in Luxembourg and you order a case of CM blend via the Ramborn website until December 19th*, the Ramborn team will send you all the spices to make this mulled cider! So, the perfect winter warming present for yourself and your friends!

This recipe was created for Ramborn cider as part of our collaboration.

*offer only available for orders in Luxembourg

November 3, 2016