2014 is starting with a bang, as I am now one of the two official judges on Mastercook  – a new showon RTL in which I’m searching for Luxembourg’s most talented home cook. It’s a real joy!

You can watch the episodes here:

Episode 1 – Salads In the first episode, we had to select the best 8 candidates – out of 32 contestants!!! That means I had to taste 32 salads and judge their look, taste and the skill behind making the dishes. Pretty much the best job there is on TV, I love it!!!

Episode 2 – Fusion Bouneschlupp This week the first 4 of the remaining 8 contestants battle for their place in the next Mastercook round. On today’s menu: a fusion take on a Luxembourg classic. Every home cook needs to come up with their interpretation of a typical Bouneschlupp (a Luxembourg bean soup), with a fusion twist. I made my own version of a fusion Bouneschlupp on the blog too, you can see it here

Episode 3- Vegetarian Wrap The third episode was all about making a veggie dish. The candidates had to impress our very sceptic guest jury members – two butchers!

Episode 4 -Träipen (Black Pudding) Four candidates have to fight for their place in the competition, by making a creative recipe with Luxembourgish black pudding.

Episode 5 – Taste Test + Team Challenge The six remaining candidates are paired up in teams of two, and have to first compete in a blind taste test – who will recognize most of the exotic fruits we prepared for them? After that it’s off to the cooking stations, to create a dish with a given main ingredient.

Episode 6 – Team Challenge Results + Zarzuela We find out what team won the team challenge, and which two candidates need to battle against each other in recreating a classic Spanish Zarzuela. One contestant has to leave the competition this time.

January 15, 2014