Mastercook 2016 – Episode 1: Steak and Bearnaise

Mastercook is back! For a third year, Tony Tintinger and I are on the hunt for Luxembourg’s best amateur cook, setting fierce challenges every week that will push the contestants to the edge. 12 weeks, 12 challenges, only one winner!

In our first episode, we wanted to test our amateur cooks’ basic cooking techniques. That’s why we asked the 24 candidates to prepare us a steak ‘tournedos’ with a sauce Béarnaise, a classic French sauce that is not without a challenge. Some mastered this with absolute ease, but most were struggling to whip up a really decent sauce. And there were even some,  who served us sauces that could hardly be called a Béaranaise…

Anyway, it was a very fun first challenge and we ended up selecting 8 contestants that would go into the next 11 weeks with us.

You can see some behind-the-scenes photos by photographer Eric Steichen here in this post, for more fun behind-the-scenes photos, click here.

Watch the entire Mastercook episode here.

You can watch Tony making a classic Béarnaise here.

February 11, 2016