Behind the Scenes: Istanbul’s Ottoman Cuisine

It may be episode 5, but in fact this episode was the last one we shot for this entire season! We headed to Istanbul at the beginning of August, and it was crazy hot and humid at that time! You can’t imagine how boiling it was filming at Karaköy Güllüoğlu – I sweated buckets while making baklava next to piping hot ovens. Still, it was a crazy fun experience, as Mr. Güllü dragged me around the bakery and had me do all kinds of things to make baklava – all the while shouting at me in Turkish, and me not understanding a word!

It was quieter and more relaxed filming at Asitane. And the dishes were to die for! That stuffed melon with lamb and beef had me at the first mouthful – divine!

A special thanks to my friends who joined me for making manti in the end. One of them was the most wonderful Eda, our fixer for the Istanbul episodes. Eda has now moved to Dubai to open her very own Life’n One health club, with meditation, yoga and healthy yummy food. So, if you ever stop in Dubai, go and say hi – she’d be delighted!

October 17, 2014