February is the season for Fuesent in Luxembourg – it’s carnival season!

Besides fancy dress parties and cavalcades across the country (not this year though), carnival is really the time to head to your local bakery and try out various doughnut creations which are only around at this time of year.

The most iconic Fuesent doughnuts are Verwuerelter – deep-fried pastry knots dusted with icing sugar and often flavoured with a hint of rum. You can find my mum’s foolproof recipe here.

A second amazing Fuesent treat are Quarkbällercher – small round doughnuts, which are pretty moist inside since their batter is made with quark. I can’t get enough of Quarkbällercher, so this year I’ve decided to make my own. They’re much easier to make than Verwuerelter, since the dough for the Quarkbällercher requires no yeast and is quickly assembled. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients and start frying immediately.

Find  the recipe here in Luxembourgish.

February 15, 2021