Behind the Scenes: Modern Spanish

For this episode we headed to the beautiful Park Guell, which overlooks the whole of Barcelona. Funny that we bumped into a big group of Luxembourgish school-children. They didn’t spot us though, and we preferred to keep our filming quiet too.

We also headed to the lovely Casa Calvet, which the first family house that architect Gaudi designed in Barcelona. Excellent food, and the crew enjoyed tucking into most of it after filming. The same happened at Montiel restaurant, where I only got one spoonful of the wonderful rose dessert – as my crew had gotten in there before me and devoured everything before I could have a proper taste… They deserved it though, so no hard feelings!

We ended the episode at La Plata. There was a huge thunderstorm, so we all huddled inside and drank Vermouth with the owners. I only recorded my piece to camera after that – so you may have noticed that my talking was a bit merrier than usual 🙂

September 30, 2014