Let’z Go Local (Luxembourg, Autmn-Winter 2014)

The people behind the popular Lët’z Go Local market (which promotes local Luxembourg creative businesses) asked me to write the editorial for their latest issue, which focuses on food start-ups in Luxembourg. Here’s what I wrote.


Let’s admit it, everyone’s a foodie these days! It’s become the latest hipster tag: people instagram their meals, boast about their food on Facebook, drink craft beer, nibble on kale chips and flock to the newest artisan coffee shop in town.

But to me, Luxembourgers are true foodies at heart. In a more natural and rooted kind of way, Luxembourgers have always embraced good quality food. Whenever I come home, I am amazed by the quality and variety of our local produce. You can buy excellent honey, flour, wine, tea, dairy products and meat – all labelled ‘Made in Luxembourg’.

Despite Luxembourg’s focus on revenue streams from the financial sector, food production is still growing strong in our country. Younger generations are taking over their long-standing family businesses, using tried and tested production methods while revamping their image and even coming up with new products, like Luxembourgish whisky ( Others are taking inspiration from abroad to launch new food businesses that are slowly revolutionizing Luxembourg’s food scene. Take The Food Truck, which is popping up in different locations across the country to serve mobile streetfood (, or GoGusto, tapping into the health-conscious market with their cold-pressed juices (

What I find so fascinating is that in Luxembourg, we have the opportunity to get to know the people behind these businesses. And Let’z Go Local encourages this, by giving producers and locals a friendly platform to meet, interact and inspire each other. Already in its third edition, Let’z Go Local proves that local products and initiatives are growing strong, and are here to stay.

For this issue, Linda Bos and Karolina Szatna have asked me what Luxembourg would taste like if it were a flavour. For me, it would be the homely taste of freshly baked Quetschentaart.

Anne Faber
Food Creative
Anne’s new Book “Anne’s Kitchen: Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin” will be available in English and in German from October 22nd.

October 30, 2014