Let’s get started!!!

Hello foodies, friends and fabulous people!

So this is it! My food blog is up!!! After years of dreaming, talking and fanastizing about it, I finally got myself into action mode and created Anne’s Kitchen. Well, that is I asked my wonderful friend Lawrence to come up with a design concept, and thanks to his magic I now have this fabulous space to express myself on, splash flour all over it and roll in it!

So,  a MASSIVE ÜBER DYNAMIC thank you Lawrence and all the lovely people in my life who put up with my constant food talk and help me devour all my creations!

Please stop by from time to time, have a look at what I’m doing/making/baking and drop a comment whilst you’re at it!

xxx A

February 26, 2010

0 thoughts on “Let’s get started!!!

  1. Yay, first post! Always a pleasure to help out! I’m sure that many of us will be looking forward to sampling much of your culinary skills! 🙂

  2. Hurrah, your blog is finally up! And I gotta say, …it looks absolutely gorgeous (great job Lawrence!) I can’t wait to see what culinary creations you’ll come up with… Congratulations sis ^_^

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