Konrad – A lovely Café in Luxembourg City

I know it’s been awfully quiet on this blog – let’s just say Anne’s Kitchen is in a kind of involuntary hibernation. I’m still waiting to move into my new flat where I can finally unpack all my boxes and boxes of wonderful kitchen stuff and start cooking and photographing again! Bear with me!

So, for now I’m going to regularly introduce you to some of the places I like. Starting with the wonderful Konrad Café in Luxembourg City.

Luxembourg City is my hometurf. This is where I grew up and where I regularly like to return to, in order to reconnect with my roots.

Not much ever changes in Luxembourg. Don’t take that the wrong way. Luxembourg City has got a really lovely selection of nice places – bars, cafés, restaurants and shops – but there’s just no constant mushrooming of new venues.

So, you can imagine my surprise when my friends introduced me to a very new café in town – Konrad. Sharing its premises with a cool clothes store, Konrad is what Luxembourg has been waiting for – a truly nice relaxing space with good coffee, cake and friendly people.

One of the main thumbs up goes to Konrad’s “No Smoking policy”, something that’s still mostly unheard of in this central European capital! Unbelievable but true, in Luxembourg you can still smoke inside of cafés, bars and restaurants (with certain minor limitations to meal times in restaurants).

So, if you happen to travel to or through Luxembourg, go to Konrad and say hi to Paul, one of the friendly owners. And make sure to try one of the meat pies or the carrot cake – both are divine!


7, rue du Nord

L-2229 Luxembourg

Tél: (+352) 26 20 18 94

March 1, 2011

21 thoughts on “Konrad – A lovely Café in Luxembourg City

    • Oh no!!!! Hang on, I think this is part of a revamp, I heard rumours that the Konrad guys are closing the shop and converting the entire space into a coffee shop and bar, due to be open late in the evening. I hope that’s why!

  1. Notice from Konrad Café
    Dear all, I’m sorry for the late notice, but this evening Konrad will open again after three weeks of refurbishment.
    Some changes – there are no more clothes, but the café and bar is on two floors and will be open in the evenings. The grand opening is planned for next month, but you are most welcome to come and have a peek this eveing from six o’clock.

    Our opening hours (from tomorrow onwards)
    Monday to Saturday 10h until 1h
    Sunday 11h to 1h

  2. Isn’t it a shame I live in Luxembourg city an have never been there, not even heard of it.I found out about ‘Konrad’ only yesterday evening from the news on TV.In fact they were talking about the smoking restrictions you mentioned in your first post.The government wants to introduce a law that forbids smoking in cafés but most cafetiers are against it… except ‘Konrad’ 😉

  3. Konrad: the cafe, the bar, with its noveau open mic nights and comedy weekends, is not just a place to visit, but for some of us (read: me) living in Luxembourg, it is a save haven to escape.
    I never get kicked out, I am never told “I am wasting space” even if I don’t order anything, best of all, they make me smile.

  4. was at konrad yesterday 09.04.2012 i was wondering if you could tell me the music cd you were playing.. i forgot to ask and i want that cd badyl 🙂

    • Sorry May, I can’t hep you with that since I don’t work at Konrad. Best is to give them a call on (+352) 26 20 18 94 and ask them directly. Good luck!

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